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Wednesday Sovereign Creator Tips & Tools

June 30th, 2020 Posted by 8 Steps to Radical Reconciliation, Miranda Wills, Radical Reconciliation, Sovereign Creator Tips 0 thoughts on “Wednesday Sovereign Creator Tips & Tools”



Sovereign Creators – When you tune in to your Sacred Heart and listen deeply within to your Higher Self, what wisdom are you receiving that would best assist you to care for your Body, Mind and Spirit at this time?

Your Higher Self always speaks to you from a place of unconditional love, non-judgement and honesty.

Sometimes we don’t want to hear the answers we receive because they trigger our egos, but we know deep within that they are the right answers for us.

You may receive answers right away or they will come to you in Divine Timing in the way you prefer to receive them. This could be signs, synchronicities, dreams, visions, direct knowing, via inner guides and more.

Write down the answers you receive and commit to at least one practice for your Body, your Mind and your Spirit to support your Sacred Journey.

Review your current reality in each of these areas (Body, Mind and Spirit) without judgement.

Where do you wish to come into greater alignment with your Soul’s truth, joy and happiness?

Where are you still experiencing suffering by holding onto conscious or subconscious false beliefs or programs that are not your Divine Truth?

How are you being guided to care for your Energy Field at this time?

Clearing and cleansing your field daily and whenever you need it, is very important. There are many ways to do this such as visualisations, using sage, crystals, sunlight, flowing water, salt baths, being in nature, reiki, asking for Divine Beings for support and more.

How are you consciously creating your reality? Do you have a morning and evening practice to create your optimal day and to create your ideal ‘future’ reality by imprinting your subconscious?

As Sovereign Creators we create reality through our state of being. What we imagine we create. Focusing on what we want (not on what we don’t want) and pre-experiencing our desired reality in our imagination with gratitude is key.

Please share your thoughts, reflections and ideas below so we can inspire one another!

Blessing your Sacred Journey always 💛🙏💛

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Prayer for Mercy

June 29th, 2020 Posted by Miranda Wills, Radical Reconciliation, Unity Consciousness 0 thoughts on “Prayer for Mercy”

As we continue to dissolve and release all that is not the truth of our Divinity, it is essential that we show Mercy towards those that have harmed us. It is essential that we create energetic fields of loving compassion in which they too may see the Light within.

For those that have harmed us, are us. The harmful thoughts and programs that caused them to act against us, are also in us. In the One Infinite Field of Love there is no separation. All is Love or Love that has forgotten itself.

Setting Sacred Boundaries with those that are causing harm is essential. Speaking Divine Truth is imperative. Removing oneself from harmful situations and people is an act of Self Love. Forgiving Self and Other is Freedom.

Surrounding all still living in fear with the Unconditional Love of Source.

May All Beings Awaken to the Light Within. And So It Is 🌹🙏🌹