The transmission of “Radical Reconciliation – Freedom through Sovereignty” contains “The 8 Steps to Radical Reconciliation” to support you to embody your Sovereign Divinity.

Steps 1 – 4

Make a Commitment to Your Highest Good

Get the Support You Need

Create Your Sanctuary

Love All of You

These first four steps of “Radical Reconciliation – Freedom through Sovereignty” establish a foundation to support your sacred journey. 

You may already have some of these sacred practices in place. As always work with what resonates for you. Your Higher Self knows what you need and will guide you.

Steps 5 – 8

Be Present

Inner Work 

Communing with Source  

Lead from Love 

Steps five through eight of “Radical Reconciliation – Freedom through Sovereignty” are fundamental spiritual practices on the spiral path of awakening. You may already have some of these in place. 

Please know the steps do not have to be completed in order. You will revisit these steps over and over again as you unfold into the magnificence your Sovereign Divinity. Follow your intuition and heart.

These are quantum activations that will create and anchor your new reality.

Each step includes a powerful I AM invocation to your Higher Self and Source signaling that you are ready to heal and embody more of your Soul’s Light.

In the case of Step 8 (Lead from Love), this happens the moment your sacred heart spirals open to the awareness that you are One with ALL. When you embody your Higher Self you naturally lead from unconditional love, for yourself and all of life.

As you work with each step, commit to these invocations daily, when you first wake and go to bed at night. It is important that you do these when you are relaxed and in a meditative state. Also speak them out loud at any time during the day.

As your inner world changes your outer world changes – you can use this mirror to help you to know when to move on to the next step. Divine guidance (your intuition and inner knowing) are always there to help!


To support your sacred journey through Radical Reconciliation’s virtual and physical containers, there are options for engaging with the tones and frequencies infused into each word, invocation and sacred symbol on this website, book, courses, blog, and Global Community.

Creating Heaven on Earth

Radical Reconciliation gives us the power to transform our world into Heaven on Earth.

Meet Miranda Wills

Miranda is a multidimensional, New Earth leader and author of Radical Reconciliation.

Source & Gaia

The channeled messages from Source and Gaia in the book remind you how sacred you are, how much you are loved and how powerful you are.

The Radical Reconciliation Book

“Radical Reconciliation – Freedom through Sovereignty” multidimensional global transmission directly from Source, Gaia and the Higher Self of Miranda Wills.

Sacred Geometry Activations

Understanding the way we, as the Multi-Universe, are designed and create.

What Is Ascension?

Uncover the awakening process of expanding consciousness to become One with All.

    The Radical Reconciliation Global Community is…

    … a sacred and supportive space for Sovereign Creators, such as yourself, to activate and celebrate their Sovereign Divinity. As we awaken to the magnificence that we truly are and remember our power to create our reality, we co-create a world of Joy, Freedom, Compassion, Peace and Love.

    Founder of Radical Reconciliation, Miranda Wills, is actively present in the community and provides daily insight and timely guidance for how to reconcile wounded aspects of yourself into a state of unconditional self-love, wonder and innocence that is your Soul’s truth.

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