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How To Find The Best Casino Real Money Offers

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The Teachings of Isis

July 25th, 2020 Posted by Miranda Wills, Radical Reconciliation, Unity Consciousness 0 thoughts on “The Teachings of Isis”


Now is the time to return the sacred into our sexuality. Whether one practices alone or with another, sacred sex is a Holy portal to Cosmic Creation energies and Divine Union within and without.

In the Ancient Mystery Schools, devotees were instructed in the art of Soul Love Magic to bring themselves and/or a Beloved to sexual ecstasy. The body is considered a Holy Temple for the Soul. It is sacred and represents ingenious spiritual technology to allow Spirit to experience the physical realm.

When sex is practiced as Holy Communion and all energy centers are activated, it becomes a kundalini pathway and merkaba of Holy Light to the Higher Realms of Bliss Consciousness and ecstatic union with the Divine.

Orgasm is a state of surrender and Bliss where individual Souls merge in ecstasy with the One. In Higher Dimensions we exists in Bliss and Creation states continuously.

Gaia teaches the Holiness of Creation energies. There is no shame in the way the sun illuminates and caresses her bringing forth abundant, verdant life. There is no guilt in the way a bee pollinates a flower or the way all of life on Gaia procreates. This experience of individuation, unity and creation is a Divine gift from Source.

The Holy Creation Energies and electrostatic Bliss Charge that attracts us to one another represent the Divine Flow of the Multi Universe. We are energy and light dancing and creating with one another. We are the Divine Plan in motion.

Sacred Sexuality is always practiced with consent and for the Highest Good of each Soul. When two Souls have achieved sacred union of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies within themselves, becoming Sovereign Creator Beings, they can then access unlimited creative power, creating a third energy between them which is utilised in prayerful service to All That Is.

To access sacred sexuality one must first clear all fear-based beliefs and programs within the Self. HUmanity has experienced much trauma in the distortion and persecution of sacred sexuality which is being healed now.”

~ Isis through Miranda ~


Supporting Yourself and Your Loved Ones At This Time

July 10th, 2020 Posted by Miranda Wills, Radical Reconciliation 0 thoughts on “Supporting Yourself and Your Loved Ones At This Time”

Humanity is currently experiencing a great awakening. Millions of Souls all over the planet are waking up to their Sovereign Divinity. Here are my top tips to support you and your loved ones:

1. Remember you are a Divine Sovereign Creator able to create your reality. Drop your awareness into your Sacred Heart to hear your Divine Guidance. Listen deeply with gratitude and ask for the support you need at this time. Follow your inner guidance at all times.

2. Allow your feelings to flow and let them go in a way that is safe for you and others. We are human and Divine. It is important to feel our feelings and release all fear, judgement, grief and anger so we can free our Spirits. If you need professional help to do this, seek support. We need to be compassionate to ourselves and others at this time and not project our fears and judgements on one another.

3. Care for yourself through healthy food, exercise and sleep.

4. Use mindfulness, meditation, joy, laughter and fun to stay in the NOW. Be grateful for everything.

5. Remember that your voice creates reality – use words like I AM SAFE, I AM HEALTHY, I AM POWERFUL.

6. Avoid fear-based media. Keep your energy field clear and positive.

7. Spend time in Nature and in the sunshine.

8. Establish a morning and evening routine of meditation to spend time listening to and communing with your Higher Self/the Divine.

Blessing your Sacred Journey Always ๐ŸŒน๐Ÿ™๐ŸŒน


Radical Reconciliation Step 8

July 10th, 2020 Posted by 8 Steps to Radical Reconciliation, Miranda Wills, Radical Reconciliation 0 thoughts on “Radical Reconciliation Step 8”


In the past we have looked to our leaders to solve the problems of the world and we have judged them. As Sovereign Divine Beings we know that, โ€œWe must be the change we wish to see in the worldโ€ as Gandhi shared.

As each one of us radically reconciles our inner world into a state of peace, harmony, wholeness, and connection we will see this reflected in New Earth, which includes our relationships, our work, our communities, our nations, and in the way we treat Gaia.

Once you realise you are a Sovereign Divine Being, you realise each one of us is a leader. We are all leaders of love. Sovereign Divine leadership is based on Divine Love, Divine Truth and Divine Wisdom. Your Highest good is the Highest good of All. There is no separation. We are One and we are co-creating Heaven on Earth. How beautiful is that?

What Divine Downloads are you receiving to create Heaven on Earth?
What are the deepest desires of your Sacred Heart?


Image by Hassan Ouajbir


Radical Reconciliation Step 4

July 9th, 2020 Posted by 8 Steps to Radical Reconciliation, Miranda Wills, Radical Reconciliation 0 thoughts on “Radical Reconciliation Step 4”


Your most important relationship is the one you have with yourself. When this relationship is unconditionally self-loving you will then see the relationships “outside” of you reflect this.

We create what we are. We attract what we vibrate. We have to BE what we desire.

The relationship you have with yourself is eternal. The form of other relationships changes through time although we often meet the same Souls over and over again in different incarnations.

The beautiful thing about falling in love with yourself is that you eventually remember that Love is within, that Divine Love is what you are and that you are always connected to Source who Loves you Unconditionally.

At this level of awareness with your Sacred Heart fully open, you enter unity consciousness and remember that we are all One, and we are One Love expressed in infinite ways! Loving ourselves first unconditionally is the best way to love others.

How are you being unconditionally loving to you?
How are you making loving you the number one priority in your life?


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