“Radical Reconciliation – Freedom through Sovereignty™” is a multidimensional global transmission for the reconciliation of humanity to its Sovereign Divinity.

This transmission comes directly from Source, Gaia and the Higher Self of Miranda Wills.

Taking you on a sacred journey beyond race, culture, gender and religion, you are gently guided step by step how to reconcile wounded aspects of yourself into a state of unconditional self-love, wonder and innocence that is your Soul’s truth.

There are tones and frequencies infused into each word, invocation and sacred symbol to support your sacred journey.

This transmission immediately acknowledges you as a multi-dimensional Sovereign Creator made in the image of Source with those same creative powers to create your reality.

You are already and always will be perfect, whole and eternal. Your true nature is infinitely creative, playful, unconditionally loving, free and full of joy!

In your human incarnation(s), no matter what you have done or what has been done to you, in Divine Truth your Soul is always innocent. It is only when we forget our Divinity that we cause suffering to ourselves and others.

This transmission supports you to radically reconcile your inner Universe into one of unconditional self-love and acceptance for your liberation and the liberation of all beings from suffering. 

“Radical Reconciliation – Freedom through Sovereignty” assists you to let go of false mental programming and dense energies to reveal the beauty of your Soul’s light within. 


• Delivers new and empowered solutions to you for addressing personal suffering and global crises by revealing how your own radical reconciliation heals not only yourself but our beautiful world.

• Contains “The 8 Steps to Radical Reconciliation™” as well as invocations, meditations and channelings from Source, Gaia and Sacred Geometry to awaken you to your Sovereign Divinity.

• Awakens you to your own omniscience as a powerful Divine Sovereign Creator, made in the image of Source with the same creative powers to consciously create your reality.

• Guides you to reconcile your inner Universe into a sanctuary of unconditional self-love, peace and prosperity by liberating yourself from fear, social programming and trauma.

• And much more.

Pre-Orders for Radical Reconciliation will begin in October 2020. 

When you pre-order you will receive: 

Exclusive excerpt from the book

Channeled guidance from Gaia & Source (MP3)

Guided meditation from Miranda Wills (MP3)


Get a glimpse into the multi-dimensional nature of the transmission of “Radical Reconciliation – Freedom through Sovereignty”.  Below you will find sections of the website that invite you to engage with the tones and frequencies infused into each word, invocation and sacred symbol in the book.

Creating Heaven on Earth

Radical Reconciliation gives us the power to transform our world into Heaven on Earth.

Meet Miranda Wills

Miranda is a multidimensional, New Earth leader and author of Radical Reconciliation.

Source & Gaia

The channeled messages from Source and Gaia in the book remind you how sacred you are, how much you are loved and how powerful you are.

What Are The 8 Steps?

Radical Reconciliation transmission contains 8 steps to support your sacred journey.

Sacred Geometry Activations

Understanding the way we, as the Multi-Universe, are designed and create.

What Is Ascension?

Uncover the awakening process of expanding consciousness to become One with All.

    The Radical Reconciliation Global Community is…

    … a sacred and supportive space for Sovereign Creators, such as yourself, to activate and celebrate their Sovereign Divinity. As we awaken to the magnificence that we truly are and remember our power to create our reality, we co-create a world of Joy, Freedom, Compassion, Peace and Love.

    Founder of Radical Reconciliation, Miranda Wills, is actively present in the community and provides daily insight and timely guidance for how to reconcile wounded aspects of yourself into a state of unconditional self-love, wonder and innocence that is your Soul’s truth.

    Community Offerings:

    Mondays- Facebook Live with Miranda
    Wednesdays- Sovereign Creator Tips and Tools
    Fridays- Channeled Message