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The Teachings of Isis

July 25th, 2020 Posted by Miranda Wills, Radical Reconciliation, Unity Consciousness 0 thoughts on “The Teachings of Isis”


Now is the time to return the sacred into our sexuality. Whether one practices alone or with another, sacred sex is a Holy portal to Cosmic Creation energies and Divine Union within and without.

In the Ancient Mystery Schools, devotees were instructed in the art of Soul Love Magic to bring themselves and/or a Beloved to sexual ecstasy. The body is considered a Holy Temple for the Soul. It is sacred and represents ingenious spiritual technology to allow Spirit to experience the physical realm.

When sex is practiced as Holy Communion and all energy centers are activated, it becomes a kundalini pathway and merkaba of Holy Light to the Higher Realms of Bliss Consciousness and ecstatic union with the Divine.

Orgasm is a state of surrender and Bliss where individual Souls merge in ecstasy with the One. In Higher Dimensions we exists in Bliss and Creation states continuously.

Gaia teaches the Holiness of Creation energies. There is no shame in the way the sun illuminates and caresses her bringing forth abundant, verdant life. There is no guilt in the way a bee pollinates a flower or the way all of life on Gaia procreates. This experience of individuation, unity and creation is a Divine gift from Source.

The Holy Creation Energies and electrostatic Bliss Charge that attracts us to one another represent the Divine Flow of the Multi Universe. We are energy and light dancing and creating with one another. We are the Divine Plan in motion.

Sacred Sexuality is always practiced with consent and for the Highest Good of each Soul. When two Souls have achieved sacred union of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies within themselves, becoming Sovereign Creator Beings, they can then access unlimited creative power, creating a third energy between them which is utilised in prayerful service to All That Is.

To access sacred sexuality one must first clear all fear-based beliefs and programs within the Self. HUmanity has experienced much trauma in the distortion and persecution of sacred sexuality which is being healed now.”

~ Isis through Miranda ~


Prayer for Mercy

June 29th, 2020 Posted by Miranda Wills, Radical Reconciliation, Unity Consciousness 0 thoughts on “Prayer for Mercy”

As we continue to dissolve and release all that is not the truth of our Divinity, it is essential that we show Mercy towards those that have harmed us. It is essential that we create energetic fields of loving compassion in which they too may see the Light within.

For those that have harmed us, are us. The harmful thoughts and programs that caused them to act against us, are also in us. In the One Infinite Field of Love there is no separation. All is Love or Love that has forgotten itself.

Setting Sacred Boundaries with those that are causing harm is essential. Speaking Divine Truth is imperative. Removing oneself from harmful situations and people is an act of Self Love. Forgiving Self and Other is Freedom.

Surrounding all still living in fear with the Unconditional Love of Source.

May All Beings Awaken to the Light Within. And So It Is 🌹🙏🌹