Radical Reconciliation gives us the power to transform our world into Heaven on Earth. It is having radical self-compassion and the courage to go within to heal all wounds rather than blaming others.

Heaven on Earth is created when we recognise our true nature as Divine Sovereign Creators. In this state we recognise that we are ONE with the power of the Universe to create our reality. 

We can create, make and collapse timelines in alignment with Source for our greatest good and the greatest good of All.

Our Divine Free Will gives us the choice to dream up the future we want for ourselves, our families, and our planet. Whatever we focus our attention and energy on we create.

Radical Reconciliation, therefore, awakens us to the fact that each one of us is a Sovereign Creator creating our personal and collective reality. This gives us the power to align with and consciously co-create with Source, Gaia and one another to consciously evolve into higher dimensional states of unity, wonder and bliss for ourselves and our world.

Gaia herself is raising her consciousness and vibration to assist us to expand and raise our own along with her. Millions of people all over the planet are waking up to their Divine nature as Souls incarnated in human bodies on Earth.

We are assisted in this Divinely orchestrated process by Source and Beings not only in this dimension, but from the higher and lower realms on Gaia and beyond. If you tune deep within, into your heart, you will know that you are a part of this global mission.

We are already living in a Golden Age of Miracles. With our hearts awakened and in alignment with our Higher Selves and Source, we naturally fulfill our Soul purpose to create Heaven on Earth in miraculous ways that bring us joy.

All of this is Divinely orchestrated, and all we have to do is say YES!

Imagine what Heaven on Earth feels, looks, sounds and tastes like. Imagine the pure oceans. Imagine verdant forests. Imagine the plants and animals thriving.  

Imagine the laughter and joy in our children. Imagine Humanity at peace, living as Sovereign Divine Beings in sustainable floating cities and communities that honour the earth.

There is no traffic as we teleport. There are no mobile phones as we use telepathy. There is no pollution as we are not limited to form, we create using consciousness and energy. We have raised our vibration to live 5D and higher.

We are aware we are multidimensional beings, living in parallel timelines and universes of our choice, connected to the Star Nations and our Galactic Family.

We know we are far more than our bodies, we are immortal Souls, in joyful communion with one another, our beloved Source and Earth. 

We have balanced the Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine energies within each of us to be the genius manifestors we truly are. All our wishes our fulfilled.

We understand that everything is Divine consciousness manifest in the world of form. With this knowing, we lovingly create with this quantum, interactive, co-creative Universe for the highest good of All.

Infinite prosperity and abundance, health and vitality are ours, for Unity Consciousness is our natural state of consciousness. Welcome to Heaven on Earth!


To support your sacred journey through Radical Reconciliation’s virtual and physical containers, there are options for engaging with the tones and frequencies infused into each word, invocation and sacred symbol on this website, book, courses, blog, and Global Community.

Source & Gaia

Discover two excerpts from the book of channeled messages from Source and Gaia.

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Miranda is a multidimensional, New Earth leader and author of Radical Reconciliation.

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    The Radical Reconciliation Global Community is…

    … a sacred and supportive space for Sovereign Creators, such as yourself, to activate and celebrate their Sovereign Divinity. As we awaken to the magnificence that we truly are and remember our power to create our reality, we co-create a world of Joy, Freedom, Compassion, Peace and Love.

    Founder of Radical Reconciliation, Miranda Wills, is actively present in the community and provides daily insight and timely guidance for how to reconcile wounded aspects of yourself into a state of unconditional self-love, wonder and innocence that is your Soul’s truth.

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