Miranda Wills Official Bio

Born in Vancouver, B.C. and raised in the idyllic suburbs of Melbourne, Australia, Miranda Wills has lived a life of paradox and transcendence.


To the world, Miranda is an award-winning wildlife documentary filmmaker, teacher, guide and spiritual channel. With profound respect for nature, she is a conduit for the energies of Gaia and The Divine Child. But that’s not the whole story.


Miranda’s initiation into the embodiment of both Gaia and The Divine Child occurred through the doorway of terror. Early childhood abuse and trauma left a complex web of debilitating patterns and coping mechanisms that impacted every part of her life, demanding to be reconciled.


The process of reconciling both her deeply wounding and profoundly transcendent experiences left Miranda with an unwavering trust in life and possibility. This radical reconciliation returned her to her natural, ecstatic state of innocence, joy, play and leadership.


Consequently, she has emerged as a leader who is capable of and committed to shepherding a wide swath of humanity into a level of safety and flow that may otherwise be unavailable to them.


Her upcoming book, Radical Reconciliation: Freedom Through Sovereignty, is the culmination of all she knows and holds dear about reconciling your own journey, coming home to yourself and finally finding deep peace and profound power.


Through her writing, group programs and private 1:1 work with clients, her mission is to awaken those who are ready to reconcile and step into their own service-based leadership in the creation of a new world. Find her courses, activations and more at www.RadicalReconciliation.com.


To support your sacred journey through Radical Reconciliation’s virtual and physical containers, there are options for engaging with the tones and frequencies infused into each word, invocation and sacred symbol on this website, book, courses, blog, and Global Community.

Creating Heaven on Earth

Radical Reconciliation gives us the power to transform our world into Heaven on Earth.

The Radical Reconciliation Global Community is a sacred and supportive space for Sovereign Creators, such as yourself, to activate and celebrate their Sovereign Divinity.

Courses & Gatherings

Learn about upcoming self-guided courses and virtual activation gatherings.

What Are The 8 Steps?

Radical Reconciliation transmission contains 8 steps to support your sacred journey.

Sacred Geometry Activations

Understanding the way we, as the Multi-Universe, are designed and create.

What Is Ascension?

Uncover the awakening process of expanding consciousness to become One with All.

“Miranda’s sacred work is the culmination of her many lifetimes of reconciling the pain and trauma (discordant energies) in order to awaken Sovereign Divinity, not only in herself, but in the collective. Radical Reconciliation provides support to all beings in this process – because it includes every one of us. This gorgeous soul is a combination of Mother Mary and Peter Pan!”