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If your podcast, radio show or online event attracts an audience seeking to uplevel their human experience by stepping into their

Divine Sovereign Creator power to create their reality and New Earth…

…author and multidimensional New Earth leader, Miranda Wills is your ideal guest!

A leading authority on ascension and reconciling trauma, the topics and themes Miranda shares are intended to liberate Sovereign Creators from fear, suffering and social programming transforming our lives, relationships, communities, businesses, economies and nations to create New Earth.

An inspirational, engaging and uplifting guest, Miranda speaks on a variety of socially and globally relevant topics such as: 

  • Healing
  • Forgiveness
  • Self-love
  • Awakening
  • Ascension
  • Unity Consciousness

    In this full-length interview, on Wanda Vitale’s The Quantum Entrepreneur podcast, Miranda discusses her inspiring journey with the Radical Reconciliation transmission and shares insightful Sovereign Creator tips.

    Miranda Wills is…

    …a multidimensional, New Earth leader and author of “Radical Reconciliation – Freedom through Sovereignty”. 

    Her transformative and groundbreaking book delivers new and empowered solutions for addressing personal suffering and global crises by revealing how your own radical reconciliation heals not only yourself but our beautiful world.

    Miranda’s creative vision and sacred mission is to inspire and guide humanity to its Freedom through Sovereignty. She is a renowned speaker, mentor to heart-centred Sovereign Leaders, facilitator of sacred site gatherings, and an acclaimed documentary filmmaker.

    Miranda is also the founder of Radical Reconciliation, a global movement which offers courses, retreats and a virtual community for Sovereign Creators to activate their Sovereign Divinity.

    Popular Interview Topics and Themes Miranda is

    Experienced, Enthusiastic and Passionate About:

  • What is ascension and how to navigate ‘ascension symptoms’. 
  • Sovereign Creator tips and tools to transform your life, work, business, health, relationships and prosperity to 5D and beyond.
  • Transitioning into new timelines and dimensions with grace and ease.
  • How to reconcile your inner Universe into a sanctuary of unconditional self-love, peace and prosperity.  
  • Practical, proven and empowered solutions for addressing personal suffering amidst global crises.
  • The true nature of sacred geometry and the crucial role it plays in healing and birthing a new you and a New Earth!
  • The #1 thing for Sovereign Creators to do to unlock the power of your imagination.
  • The 8 Steps of Radical Reconciliation to embody your Sovereign Divinity and create your reality.
  • How to step out of fear and remain calm while peacefully navigating the energies of the current world situation.
  • Moving from suffering and Blame Consciousness to Unity Consciousness.
  • How to relax, play and have fun by connecting to your inner child.
  • Simply, yet effective techniques for following your own intuition and Divine guidance to awaken your Sovereign Divinity.
  • How Sovereign Creators can radically reconcile their inner world to unconditionally love themselves without judgement.
  • How to step into Divine Leadership together as we create New Earth.
  • Why Book Miranda as a Guest?

    Miranda will take your audience on a sacred journey beyond race, culture, gender and religion, gently guiding listeners and viewers step by step how to reconcile wounded aspects of themselves into a state of unconditional self-love, wonder and innocence that is their Soul’s truth.

  • A master storyteller and skillful educator, Miranda will hold your audience’s attention throughout her segment.
  • Having experienced extreme levels of sexual abuse as a child, Miranda brings compassion, empathy and understanding to difficult topics.  
  • Delivers deep-level spiritual insights for current social challenges that are relatable and accessible to a diverse audience.
  • With a calm but playful style of communicating and naturally joyous demeanor, Miranda can effortlessly flow with the personality of the host and emotionally connect with your audience.
  • Having spent many years working closely with indigenous elders to reconcile generational trauma in her home country of Australia, Miranda is well-versed in discussing how personal and collective radical reconciliation transforms our lives, relationships, communities, businesses, economies and nations to create New Earth.

    “Miranda’s sacred work is the culmination of her many lifetimes of reconciling the pain and trauma (discordant energies) in order to awaken Sovereign Divinity, not only in herself, but in the collective. Radical Reconciliation provides support to all beings in this process – because it includes every one of us. This gorgeous soul is a combination of Mother Mary and Peter Pan!”