Miranda Wills is…

…a multidimensional, New Earth leader and author of “Radical Reconciliation – Freedom through Sovereignty”.

Miranda’s creative vision and sacred mission is to inspire and guide humanity to its Freedom through Sovereignty. She is a renowned speaker, mentor to heart-centred Sovereign Leaders, facilitator of sacred site gatherings, and an acclaimed documentary filmmaker.

Miranda is also the founder of Radical Reconciliation, a global movement which offers courses, retreats and a virtual community for Sovereign Creators to activate their Sovereign Divinity.

Hi, beautiful souls, I am Miranda Wills. 

It is my great joy and honour to welcome you to Radical Reconciliation! 

My life has unfolded in unexpected and wondrous ways. With the blessings of Spirit and my Divine Will and courage to heal, I have transformed from deep wounding and the illusion of being disconnected to Source, to remembering I AM a Sovereign Creator eternally connected to the Divine.

I was born in Vancouver, Canada. My parents moved to Australia when I was one, and I grew up in the forested hills east of Melbourne.

As a child, I loved reading picture books about the Inuit people who honour the spirits of plants and animals and move between the worlds of form and Spirit.  I played in nature every day and spoke to the plants, animals, trees, and fairies.  

As a teenager, I remember seeing a movie called “The Mission” set in the South American wilderness. I remember running out of that film crying at the devastation I saw to indigenous communities and Nature. This profound experience awakened my Soul’s calling.

I have spent my adult life working at jobs that connect people to nature including making wildlife documentaries and facilitating environmental conservation projects.

In addition to this, I have also been honoured to teach at schools and wildlife sanctuaries and advocate for reconciliation with indigenous people and their ancient wisdom as a way of caring for each other and our precious planet.

My body resonates with Gaia, for my body has also been abused. In my early childhood, I experienced severe trauma. This caused me to live for most of my life in a disassociated state. I was disconnected from my feelings, thoughts, body, and true identity.

There were parts of my life that I had no conscious awareness of. I was also disconnected from my Soul. I am not alone in this, as I feel that this is true for much of humanity. 

So many of us have experienced trauma that we have forgotten how to feel, how to trust ourselves and one another. The suffering that exists within each of us – all the hurt and disavowed parts/roles/voices inside us, are reflected in our outer world.

Suffering is reflected in our relationships, family dynamics, workplaces, communities, nations and in the way we treat the planet. In our human incarnations, all of us have experienced wounding. We have hurt ourselves and each other believing the illusion that we are unworthy or unlovable.

So many of us have experienced suffering and trauma that we have forgotten the truth of who we are. This leads many of us to feel disconnected from ourselves, each other, the Earth and our Spirits.

Global humanitarian crises, environmental degradation and the 2020 Pandemic show us the immediate and potentially long-term effects that feeling disconnected can have on us and our planet.

Aligning with my Sovereign Divinity showed me that my Soul is eternally Holy, Innocent and Invincible. I learned to observe my human experience from the unconditionally loving perspective of my Higher Self.

This held me safe while I continued to heal my human self clearing my base, sacral and solar plexus chakras and learning to ground into the Earth. Most of my life I had not been in my body, now I was learning to be embodied.

From a higher perspective, I can now see how Spirit guided and supported me every step of the Way. I believe my Soul chose this incarnation and my experiences for a reason: to help awaken other souls to their own Sacred Heart and Sovereign Divinity.

My Spirit feels at home with people who view all of life as sacred and know the Great Spirit lives within All. Everything is connected.

This includes our sacred connection to Gaia and Source. We are the bridge between Heaven and Earth. Everyone contains a spark of the Divine within.

We have forgotten that we are Divine immortal Souls experiencing life in human form. It is here we need Radical Compassion for ourselves and others. This is to raise awareness of how powerful we are. We hold the keys to our Heaven on Earth.


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“Miranda’s sacred work is the culmination of her many lifetimes of reconciling the pain and trauma (discordant energies) in order to awaken Sovereign Divinity, not only in herself, but in the collective. Radical Reconciliation provides support to all beings in this process – because it includes every one of us. This gorgeous soul is a combination of Mother Mary and Peter Pan!”