Radical Reconciliation Step 6: Inner Work

July 4th, 2020 Posted by 8 Steps to Radical Reconciliation, Excerpts from Book, Miranda Wills, Radical Reconciliation 0 thoughts on “Radical Reconciliation Step 6: Inner Work”

Say this out loud…

By the power of my I AM presence, I declare that it is safe for me to go within to reconcile all parts of me. When I go within, I will only meet love. As a Sovereign Creator, I understand that within me there may be beliefs and feelings that I have picked up that are not the truth of me.

I declare that I am ready to let go of suffering. I declare that I am ready to walk into my darkness, to shine the Light of Love for my own liberation and the liberation of all Beings. As a Divine Sovereign Creator, I know I am supported by Source and the infinite Universe. My Soul is pure. My Soul is Holy. My Soul is Innocent. In Divine Truth, I cannot be harmed by anything anyone has ever done to me, or that I have done to others. And So it Is!

In your mind’s eye…

Imagine your inner child rising like a phoenix from the illusions you have cast over yourself. Create an image that represents the healing of your inner child. Embrace your inner child with unconditional love and feel the joy, purity and innocence that is the truth of you.
Every day…

Each morning and evening take 5 minutes to say this commitment out loud, see this image in your mind’s eye and feel these feelings. Charge the loving, living quantum field with the power of your conscious choice!



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