Radical Reconciliation’s self-guided course is designed for Divine Sovereign Creators, such as yourself,

to activate your Sovereign Divinity at your own pace.

Radical Reconciliation’s self-guided online course will guide you to reconcile your inner Universe into a sanctuary of unconditional self-love, peace and prosperity by liberating yourself from fear, social programming and trauma.

Based on her multidimensional global transmission of Radical Reconciliation, author and multidimensional New Earth leader, Miranda Wills guides you through the “8 Steps to Radical Reconciliation™”. 

Through a diverse set of learning tools, which include detailed downloadable PDFs, videos, audio downloads, guided meditations, and a visually rich PowerPoint, you will receive guidance and support from Miranda to reconcile your inner universe into one of unconditional self-love and acceptance.

Hi, beautiful souls, I am Miranda Wills. It is my great joy and honour to introduce you to Radical Reconciliation’s Self-Guided Online Course!

Designed and framed around the “8 Steps to Radical Reconciliation™”, the course is part of the multidimensional transmission of Radical Reconciliation. Thus, it is a global transmission for all people, all races, all religions and all belief systems. It equally supports women and men, the elderly and young people. . 

In your human incarnation(s), no matter what you have done or what has been done to you, in Divine Truth your Soul is always innocent. It is only when we forget our Divinity that we cause suffering to ourselves and others.

If we grant ourselves the quiet space to step away from mass consciousness and look deeper, we can see that the current challenges in our world actually come from within us. By embodying our Sovereign Divinity we become conscious creators creating Heaven on Earth.

To help you in the process of embodying your Sovereign Divinity, Radical Reconciliation’s all new self-guided course will support your sacred journey back to your Heart.

You will be supported to radically reconcile your inner Universe into one of unconditional self-love and acceptance for your liberation and the liberation of all Beings from suffering. 

You will also be assisted to let go of false mental programming and dense energies to reveal the beauty of your Soul’s light within.

If there are parts of the course you do not understand or resonate with, just take in what works for you. The entire course is immediately available to you and you can take each module at your own pace. With lifetime access, you can always revisit more of the material when you are ready.

Expanding your consciousness is a spiral journey and each of us awakens in our own unique way in Divine Timing. Trust the process and know all is well. There is no time limit, your pace is the perfect pace for you.

Self-Guided Online Course

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