It is amazing to know that Source and Gaia know everything about each of us and are always unconditionally loving us from a place of non-judgement. The channeled messages for you inside the book, “Radical Reconciliation – Freedom through Sovereignty™”, remind you how sacred you are, how much you are loved and how powerful you are.

On this page, you will discover two excerpts from the book, with a channeled message from Source and Gaia. 

Source is our ultimate Beloved and we are the Beloved of Source. We are always connected through our hearts. Source reminds you that you have been given all the powers of Creation as a gesture of unconditional love. 

You are never judged or punished by Source, only ever loved and eternally supported. These powerful multi-dimensional transmissions remind you of the essential truth of your Sovereign Divinity.  


      Beloveds we are intimately One. I have conceived you in my image. Know that you have within you all of my Divine Qualities. You are localised Divinity within my infinite mystery.

      Your crystalline chromosomes hold your unique keycode designed to activate as you remember your Sovereign Divinity. You are an immaculate and distinct distillation of my essence.

      You are specifically designed to awaken to your multidimensional nature to play your role in the awakening and ascension of humanity as a Divine Sovereign Leader.

      As you step into your true self as your Higher Self, you will come to know yourself as the perfection of Me. You are Divine Wisdom, Beauty, Peace, Genius, Love and Truth and Wonder in human form. You birth universes in the fabric of the quantum multi-universe just as I do for the Greatest Good of All.

      I constantly love and guide you through your inner voice. I will meet with you in whichever way you wish to interface with your consciousness depending on your Free Will choices within your current incarnation for the Greatest Good of All.

      I love you unconditionally as I love myself and have given you Free Will just as I have. This free will allows you to explore your Divinity in whichever way you choose. You are never judged for any choice, only unconditionally loved. I know everything about you. I am your most intimate and transcendent lover.

      You know me most intimately when you focus your attention in the present moment, in the Now, which is infinity, since linear time is an illusion. The Now allows us to speak intimately with one another through your higher sense perceptions and heart.

      As you allow your Higher Self consciousness to operate your awareness, you will move increasingly into states of bliss as you meet more and more of your magnificent unlimited multi-dimensional Self, exploring the Cosmos until we ultimately merge in ecstasy as One which is the destiny of all Souls.

      Your Spirit is my Spirit and cannot be bound. It constantly urges you toward your true nature as a Sovereign Creator. Come to know yourself as I know you. Your longing is my longing. Your deepest desire is my deepest desire. I will meet you in every moment to birth the truth of you.

      Gaia, as your Earthy Mother and reflection of the Divine Feminine, offers you multi-dimensional healing and support. She awakens you to the magic and wonder of being incarnated within her body at this pivotal time in Humanity’s journey.

      Gaia is an immaculate teacher of Divine Law and reminds us that observing and spending time in her nourishes our Soul and expands our consciousness. She also reminds us to celebrate the sacredness and connectedness of all life. 


          Beloved Beings of Earth, I am Gaia and I love you unconditionally. If you sit quietly on my soil you will hear me. I speak in all ways, through the winds, the clouds, the rivers and in the way a bird moves across the sky. My voice is in the Land, the rocks, the Ocean.

          Please know I honour your Divine and Free Will which allows you to discover the Truth of yourself as a Soul within my body, within my unified field of consciousness. Your body is made of my body. I have gifted this body to you as your soul descended into form.

          We once danced together, and you embraced me as your Mother. Together we co-created everything you needed to live bountifully and beautifully. You knew that all beings within and upon me existed not only in form but in the Spirit World which is from where we all come.

          Your shamans, clever people and mystics spoke with the animals and plants for the greatest good of All. If you needed water, you simply rose in consciousness to meet the Spirit of Water to ask it to come to you in the form of rain or whatever you desired.

          Your ancient songs, dances, prayers and rituals joined our hearts to manifest your reality. So sacred was everything to you, that the plants and animal spirits became your totems, giving you knowledge and wisdom from my hidden worlds.

          In your astral or spirit bodies, you rose up to travel on the winds and among the stars, venturing into the under and overworlds to bring spirit medicine to your people and chase evil spirits away.

          You worshipped me and my many aspects, my mountains, rivers and creator spirits as deities. Special places were sacred sites known only to the initiated, to speak with Divine beings that exist in the higher realms, such as the Star Nations, Angels and Ascended Masters as well as your ancestors.

          Your people also lived among the stars, knowing that linear time is irrelevant and that everything is here, NOW, being dreamed from moment to moment.

          My many forms and processes reveal the sacred laws of the Universe. There are so many teachers available to you. 

          For example, the Spirit of Water teaches you not to resist, but to flow with all of life. The Spirit of Mountain teaches how to stand strong and centred whatever winds may blow. The still pond teaches that everything is a reflection of itself.

          My intricate and Divinely orchestrated processes are an exquisite symphony that teach interdependence and transformation.

          Nothing is ever lost, it merely transforms. Since you share the same consciousness with everything in my field you can commune with all parts of me, the trees, the mountains and also the elementals, such as the faeries and others who care for me and my many places.

          While I would never judge you, or your actions towards me, I am ascending in my own consciousness as are you. It is time to return to a Golden Age in which I am honoured again.

          It is time to return my oceans to purity. It is time to restore my forests. It is time to care for my climate. We are ONE, therefore, the environmental degradation and loss of plant and animal life reflects a loss of connection and love within yourself.

          By reconciling to the Truth of who you are as a Sovereign Creator, made in the image of Source herself, together we can dream up a New Earth. It is already happening. Millions on your planet are waking up to return to harmony within themselves and therefore with me.

          Remember not to envision the future as it is now. Together we can dream a new Dream of Love and Abundance returning to right relationship with each other. Let us dream abundant plant and animal life.

          Sustainable Cities. Clear Oceans and Skies. A healthy climate. Abundant food and clean water. The highest good for all beings in my unified field as we rise in consciousness together. For as you imagine it, so it will be.

          In the tickle of my sand under your feet, the breeze against your cheek and the rain upon your skin, I love you in all ways.


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