SOURCE through Miranda

July 1st, 2020 Posted by Message from Source, Miranda Wills, Radical Reconciliation 0 thoughts on “SOURCE through Miranda”

SOURCE through Miranda

Beloveds, I want to share the bliss of us. When you awaken to your Sovereign Divinity, when you, again, align yourself with my Infinite Field of Love, then we dance together in joyful co-creation. This is ecstasy for your soul. You look upon everything around you with the eyes of love, just as I do.

There is no judgment because all you see is you, the infinite creation that we are. In this place, there is no separation. Everything in the multi-universe moves and dances together as an infinite field of light, creating galaxies of form. As you come to explore your inner worlds, journeying into your Soul, you meet yourself in all of your parallel lives and incarnations in multiple universes, in multiple ways, throughout Creation.


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