Make a Commitment to Your Highest Good

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Excerpt from my upcoming book Radical Reconciliation – Freedom through Sovereignty™”

Radical Reconciliation Step One:

Say this commitment out loud…

By the power of my I AM presence I declare that I am a Sovereign Being of Light. I claim and proclaim this now. It is safe for me to declare my Sovereignty. It is my birthright as I am made in the image of Source. I AM worthy. I AM sacred. I AM loved unconditionally. These gifts are already mine.

I choose now to reveal myself to myself and to follow my inner guidance which is my direct connection to my Higher Self and Source. I make this commitment for my Highest Good. I make this commitment for my greatest joy, peace and fulfillment. I make this commitment for the Greatest Good of ALL. And So It Is.

In your mind’s eye…

Create an image or symbol of yourself as a Sovereign Creator. It could be a blazing sun. It could be a Divine Being. It could be a Universe of Stars. Whatever feels right for you. See it in your mind’s eye. Then imagine what it would feel like to be that Sovereign Divine Being. Imagine the joy, the peace, the wonder and ecstasy! Imagine the thrill of creating new galaxies from the power of your thoughts and your words! This is your true nature. This is your magnificence!

Every day…

Each morning and evening take 5 minutes to say this commitment out loud, see this image in your mind’s eye and feel these feelings. Charge the loving, living quantum field with the power of your conscious choice!

What is your experience using this commitment for your Highest Good?
What is working for you?
What are you noticing?

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