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Unconditional love and gratitude are the highest vibrations and the essence of your Soul. These vibrations accelerate your healing and ability to create the reality you desire.

Thank yourself every day for every step you take that is alignment with your heart no matter how small. Thank yourself for being brave. Thank yourself for learning to love yourself unconditionally. Bless yourself and show yourself gratitude. This is the way to build your Spirit!

Be grateful for anything and everything that brings you joy during your day. This is the way to bring more blessings to you. This can be so simple. A blooming rose you notice in your garden, the sunshine on your face, a smile from a stranger, the laughter of a child.

It could be receiving unexpected help when you need it, breakfast in bed from your loved one or support from your colleagues at work.

Even be grateful for things you wish to change. Be grateful for what they have given or taught you, even the difficult things. Gratitude is the fast track to becoming a powerful creator.

Focusing your attention on what brings you happiness and joy for yourself and others brings you into alignment with Higher Powers. What we focus on we create. Where attention goes, energy flows. Focusing on joy and happiness raises your vibration and helps you to create more joy and happiness!

Simple and effective ways to create a daily practice of gratitude include writing down what you are grateful for in your journal. Each day write down 3 things you are grateful to yourself for. For example, today I am grateful to myself for caring for my body by going for a walk. I am grateful that I am following my heart. I am grateful that I remembered to tell myself I am doing a great job!

After you have written 3 things you are grateful for about yourself, you can list what you are grateful for in your life such as “I am grateful for my home, my work, my car, my family, my friends” and so on.

You can also include some things that you are grateful for in the world. Even if you want to improve things in your life or in your world, focusing on what you are grateful for now brings more abundance and healing to you.

If writing a journal is not your thing, you can simply spend 5-10 minutes at the start and end of your day saying out loud or in your mind what you are grateful for and thanking Source (the Big YOU) for loving and supporting you.

Let us know how you go with these tips and tools!

If you already have a daily gratitude practice please share if you would like to, so we can inspire one another!

What are you grateful for?

Blessing your Sacred Journey always 🌹🙏🌹

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