Ascension is the awakening process of expanding your consciousness to become One with All There Is (Unity Consciousness). Other names include enlightenment, spiritual awakening and walking the Way.

Ascension is a spiral journey of expanding awareness in which you awaken to the fact that you are a Sovereign Creator, made in the image of Source, with those same creative powers.

It is the pure expression of your Soul beyond all illusions of fear (ego) when you have released all attachments to suffering and live from your heart flowing with Spirit itself.

As you move beyond fear and reconcile your inner universe to one of peace, prosperity and unconditional love, you will find that your outer universe changes to reflect your inner state of being.

This may mean your home, job, relationships and lifestyle changes. While this can be unsettling, it ultimately brings you more freedom and joy as you follow the guidance of your Soul. You are actually magnetising more joy, love, peace and abundance into your life!

Your Higher Self supports you to fulfill all your heart’s desires. As you learn to follow and fully embody your Higher Self, which is in direct communion with Source, you will receive countless miracles, insights and blessings that defy 3D reality.

You will begin to navigate life as a Sovereign Creator creating the reality you desire by attracting it to you, rather than struggling to earn it in linear time.

Along the way, you may experience ascension symptoms. This occurs as our multidimensional bodies (including our physical, etheric, emotional, mental, and astral bodies) release lower vibrational energies.

At the same time, incoming high frequency activations are changing all levels of our being including our DNA. This can result in mood swings, headaches, changes in sleep and eating patterns, out of body experiences, vivid dreams and more as your Kundalini energy activates.


Be very gentle and kind with yourself remembering that all is well at all times. Get plenty of sleep, rest, drink lots of pure water, exercise, spend time in Nature and eat healthy foods.

Listen to your body and ground yourself by mentally and physically connecting with the Earth daily. Create time to play, laugh and enjoy the process of Ascension. I often refer to this as Giggle Ascension!

Ascension is about embodying your Higher Self in your body, not floating away out of it. Follow your intuition and trust the process. Make time to play and laugh every day.

Reach out to others going through the same process including the Radical Reconciliation global community. Ascension buddies are a great support as we collectively move to 5D+ Christ/Buddha/Unity Consciousness!


To support your sacred journey through Radical Reconciliation’s virtual and physical containers, there are options for engaging with the tones and frequencies infused into each word, invocation and sacred symbol on this website, book, courses, blog, and Global Community.

Creating Heaven on Earth

Radical Reconciliation gives us the power to transform our world into Heaven on Earth.

Meet Miranda Wills

Miranda is a multidimensional, New Earth leader and author of Radical Reconciliation.

Source & Gaia

The channeled messages from Source and Gaia in the book remind you how sacred you are, how much you are loved and how powerful you are.

What Are The 8 Steps?

Radical Reconciliation transmission contains 8 steps to support your sacred journey.

Sacred Geometry Activations

Understanding the way we, as the Multi-Universe, are designed and create.

The Radical Reconciliation Book

“Radical Reconciliation – Freedom through Sovereignty” multidimensional global transmission directly from Source, Gaia and the Higher Self of Miranda Wills.

    The Radical Reconciliation Global Community is…

    … a sacred and supportive space for Sovereign Creators, such as yourself, to activate and celebrate their Sovereign Divinity. As we awaken to the magnificence that we truly are and remember our power to create our reality, we co-create a world of Joy, Freedom, Compassion, Peace and Love.

    Founder of Radical Reconciliation, Miranda Wills, is actively present in the community and provides daily insight and timely guidance for how to reconcile wounded aspects of yourself into a state of unconditional self-love, wonder and innocence that is your Soul’s truth.

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